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-- President Elect Barack Obama

SGW Teleprompter Solutions provides superior service and equipment.

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Who uses teleprompter? Just about anyone who has to deliver a speech from a stage or a script to on- or off-camera. If you have a conference or video production you should consider teleprompter as an ideal way to assist the participants and talent in delivering their message or script.

Over 25 years of teleprompting experience assures that on set and on location requirements will be met. We handle high-pressure situations and demanding clients with ease. SGW Teleprompter Solutions was the lead teleprompter company for the Obama For America campaign and inaugural weekend events supplying equipment and operators to support Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Joe Biden from 2007 into 2009, and continued to support the Vice President and President for campaign events, and the First Lady, during the Obama Administration.

We also work with independent producers, broadcast companies (network and cable, local and national), video production companies, corporate clients, staging companies -- pretty much any entity and any situation that could use a teleprompter to make their production or event go more smoothly. And we travel all over the country providing our services for as short as half a day to multiple weeks if necessary.

SGW Teleprompter Solutions' team of experienced operators are ready to teleprompt for a wide variety of clients. We have operators who are members of IATSE Local 2 and IATSE Local 476 meaning we can prompt for both union and non-union situations.

Our Executive Speech Prompters are used at conferences and other venues where speaker support is required while presenting to an audience. This type of teleprompter is also referred to as a Presidential Prompter or Podium Prompter.

Our Camera Mounts work with video and film cameras of all sizes and on jibs. We offer a Mini Camera Mount Teleprompter designed to work with very lightweight cameras, including DSLRs; and DayBrite Camera Mounts that make it easy to read the script even in full sun.

Our Interrotron packages provide you with a unique way to interview talent.

Our floor monitors vary in size -- the 26" monitors are used for rehearsals, smaller event spaces, and on-stage by musicians/singers; the 50" monitors are used back-of-house in smaller venues or between the stage and audience.

We can provide digital output through conversion of VGA signals to SDI BNC, or via HDMI. All of our frontline Executive Speech and Camera Mount teleprompter monitors or 1000 nits or brighter - normal teleprompter monitors are 300-350 nits. That means the words are brighter which means they are easier to see.

Teleprompter rentals always include an experienced operator and all necessary equipment.

SGW Teleprompter Solutions is based near Chicago, Illinois and we are ready and willing to travel.

Give us a call to find the best teleprompter rental solution for your conference or video production needs. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

If you need additional information please contact Sean Graham-White at 773-402-0105 or

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